Obtaining greatest value from your contracting strategies

Obtaining greatest value from your contracting strategies

Bob Dresser, Construction Industry Advisor, The Premier Resources Group

November 13, 2019

Your project success is enhanced during the selection of your contractors / subcontractors. Putting in a great effort on the front end of this process is one of the best investments you can make.

We must go beyond the normal evaluations of financials, safety and quality, references, etc. and dive into the potential contractor’s culture. A sample of category questions to be surveyed include:

  • Will the culture align with your company? 
  • Is there a culture of caring? 
  • Can the contractor align with your key performance indicators (KPI’s)? 
  • Will the contractor commit to measuring and communicating the results of their results to the workers who make your collective success? 
  • Do the contractors have a communications program and culture which is transparent and timely? 
  • Are the contractors committed to workforce development (recruiting, training and retention)? 
  • Is the contractor’s leadership proud of their culture and will participate commercially as a result of the culture they have grown (I.e. their productivity is superior to those who have not established such a culture)? 

In order to dive into cultural issues, such as the above, we need to make an extra effort during the contractor evaluation stage (pre-tender). Once we analyze the “numbers” and “statement of qualifications” we need to go and visit the short-listed potential alliances. 

We need to visit them and go to where they are performing similar work. We need to watch and evaluate the culture of the front-line supervisors as well as the workforce. We need to get into their workforce development program and see how they communicate (formally and informally) with the workforce. We need to formally assess the above listed and more.

The PRG Team can provide such surveys on your behalf and benchmark the results, not only amongst the competition but also against best in class for your industry class.

The results of these finding are then combined with the traditional analytics, weighting the cultural influencers with the traditional methods in order to determine a very strong bidders list!

By putting in an extra effort (investment) you will set your project up for great success for the duration of the scope for all stakeholders involved.

To learn more, contact us by emailing me at bob@theprgteam.com

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